Your Heart's Desire

STOP! If you are still reading on, what was going on when you read ‘stop’? What was the body doing; were you sitting comfortably (or not!), and what was the quality of the mind? Our tendency, it is said, is to look at the past on the basis of our deeply held opinions and views, and to relate to the future on the basis of our desires. To start to dissolve our views of the past and discover just what occurred, no more no less, we need to become skilled in recollection. And as for the future ... well, what is your heart’s desire?

The Seasons

Gradual Length Sayings II 143.
Monks, there are these four seasons.
What four?
Hearing dhamma in due season.
discussion of dhamma in due season.
calming in due season. insight in due
season. These are the four seasons.

Aṅguttaranikāya II 139
Cattaro'me kālā. Katame cataro.
Kālena dhammasavanaṃ
kālena dhammasakacchā,
kālena samatho, kālena vipassanā.
Ime kho bhikkhave cattāro kālā ti.
Ime kho bhikhave cattāro kālā ti.

Perceptions of Time

Many happy returnsIf we were asked to define or describe time, we might answer that time proceeds in a linear fashion: we have machines to measure it, each hour is the same length as every other, every minute the same length. Time proceeds in only one direction, forwards. It never goes backward.

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