Sonnet for Lance

Sonnet fo Lance

It feels a bit raw like a cool Greenstreete evening

in spring or summer when we’re out on our own

it’s after tea and sun soon to be leaving

early into the week so easy to moan …

somewhat down in the dumps not letting it show

here now not at home what performance pretend

The Gap

Gap photo

And when you are made
     to tilt yourself inescapably through

it will not be

as you imagined it. Your parted light

happens upon itself, as unlooked for
     and as ridiculous
             as sprung water. What will be filled

but the shot-through bottom
of your expectations, again and again,


\"La Maison Dieu\" (Tarot Arcanum XVI)Without calm abiding, wisdom crackles
like lightning that flickers restlessly
between the clouds. It comes and goes.
You shrug and say: It's just summer lightning.

Cerdd Taith (Journey Poem)

Cerdd Taith

Mae’r coed’n cwtsho’r canolfan yn y cwm,
Yn y niwl mae’r hen dduwiau yn aros – amdanon ni?
Dyn ni crwydro ar rosydd mawr, yn dilyn y ceffyl gwyn, Brwydr dreigiau yn digwydd dan ein traed trwm.
Am beth dyn ni chwylio? Un peth neu bethau gwahannol? Wyt ti fy mrawd i - neu fy heriwr?
Gweidda’r dderwen: wedi dod mae’r duw glas!


Cows by Ocean

I sit
and journey
into emptiness
and there,

And still I sit
until the cows
come home — and
what then?

Moo ...


There is an earthy starting point
Where, closed up, tight and firm,
Waits energy, quietly.

A way may open gently,
Awareness, sensations flowing out.
Or quickly darting, heatedly,

Like a flame or laser sharp.
Or, expanding lightly
It touches upon limits,
Gets caught up but stays defined.

Pride and Prejudging

There are those who wish to leave their mark,
and those who would leave no trace.
Those who would do anonymously,
and some wanting a famous face.
There are 'Peter Pans' among us,
and those who are fully grown.
There are some who seek the limelight,
and those with a light of their own.


May your generosity be unstinting, like a spring not blocked or dry
May your restraint be reassuring, like a fence that's not too high.

May you find joy in letting go as salmon leap up against the hour
May your wisdom flow like milk that does not curdle or go sour.

A Riddle

What did we cry to greet at the first time
But would do anything now to keep
What is more precious than diamonds and rubies
A constant visitor when we are asleep?
What do we love to let go of, and welcome again,
Take quite for granted but clutch when in pain?

What gasps at our weakness
sighs our delight
Catches in laughter
but leaves at our fright?

What has seen everything
Knows all we are
Is there in all trouble
and never goes far?


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