Watching the Breath

Maintaining awareness of the breath can seem a simple thing but when things are not so good one forgets and when things are fine it is all too easy not to remember!

Reminders do come, often repeated, just as often lost again in the daily round. Such reminders can only be of use if we catch the moment, the split second, which separates sleep from wakefulness. And such a moment came along the other day.

Big Birthdays and Little Moments

Birthdays are always nice occasions, especially one's own. When they end with a 0, they take on the quality of a special occasion, a fact that the greeting card industry has latched onto in a big way. Perhaps because of that, these days we seem much less self-conscious, even proud of these 'big ones' when they arrive. In Britain in recent years. the fashion has been to hang sheets out of windows and place posters on roundabouts to announce someone's 40th. 50th or 60th to the world (I've yet to see a 70th or 80th, perhaps 'age pride' has a cut off point!)

The Axe

It was a cool summer evening and the sun was just starting to set as I walked down the path between the tall pine trees. The sweet resin scent of the trees caught at my memory and took me back to my youth and to memories of the man who had planted these trees all those years before.


Mindfulness and the Untapped Aspects of the Asperger's Syndrome Mind

As a person with Asperger's Syndrome, I have experienced depression, high-level anxiety and a strong obsessive tendency, all of which affect my state of mind to the extent that I sometimes lose my relationship with my immediate surroundings and forget who I am. For the past two years, I have been practicing Samatha meditation, which has made a great difference by opening up the untapped abilities of my mind.

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