In Praise of the Longest Breath

As meditators, we are used to focusing our attention on the breath and carefully examining its qualities as a way of calming the mind and cultivating mindfulness.

Our samatha practice is based on the observation of our breath. We control its length while letting it flow as naturally as possible. Noticing its physical peculiarities, we become involved with it.

A Kind of Solution

LotusFrom time to time, it is suggested to meditators, that some work on mettā – loving kindness – practice would be useful. So, one begins to develop a feeling of warmth and kindness for oneself and then to extend this gradually to include all other beings.

Karaṇīya Mettā Sutta - A new translation

~ The Buddha's Teaching on Loving Kindness ~

This is what to do if you know what is best for you
And seek to attain the state of peace:
Be able, upright-truly upright,
Easy to speak to, gentle, not arrogant,

Content, with needs easily met,
With few responsibilities, of simple livelihood,
With senses calmed, skilful,
Not proud, not possessive about families.

You should not do the slightest thing
for which other wise folk might reproach you.
Think: "Happy and at peace,
May all beings be happy-minded.

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