Jātaka Tales

Mythology in some Suttas and Jātaka Tales

Sometimes for people practising Samatha an exercise is set to be aware of the Four Great Kings: you become aware of your feet standing firmly on the ground and imagine a king in each direction, one gold, one red, one silver and one blue. Just doing this with a light and cheerful attention 'centres' the mind, and brings you back into the body so that you do not feel too distracted or bogged down by a particular tricky situation.

Jātakas Tales (2)

Here are some more jātakas all of which are loosely attributed to the perfection of wisdom of the bodhisatta. In the first story a sailor who is blinded, but acquires great wealth, displays skills which might appear superficially to be more like a kind of practical canniness—and perhaps this is intentional as a kind of intimation of what wisdom is in daily life.

The Seasons

Gradual Length Sayings II 143.
Monks, there are these four seasons.
What four?
Hearing dhamma in due season.
discussion of dhamma in due season.
calming in due season. insight in due
season. These are the four seasons.

Aṅguttaranikāya II 139
Cattaro'me kālā. Katame cataro.
Kālena dhammasavanaṃ
kālena dhammasakacchā,
kālena samatho, kālena vipassanā.
Ime kho bhikkhave cattāro kālā ti.
Ime kho bhikhave cattāro kālā ti.

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