Impermanence in a Forest

DeerGrisedale Forest is tucked away in the southern Lake District between Coniston Water and Windermere. It is a quiet spot where both roe and red deer can be seen if you are patient enough to sit and wait. It is also a place where, since 1977, sculptures can be found.

On visiting the corpse of Maurice Walsh at Amarāvati

Last weekend I visited Amarāvati with my daughter, for a children's weekend, to help prepare the Rainbows magazine. When we arrived, one of the monks told us that the theme would be impermanence. He mentioned that Maurice Walsh, a renowned Pāli translator and great friend to the Temple, had died two weeks before and that his body was lying in the Temple of Rest, behind the main shrine, until the ceremony which was to take place the following Monday prior to cremation. He suggested that we might consider visiting the corpse to sit quietly with it for a while.

And then let go

Let me be not sad that we must part
For any time with those we love,
Whether it be for short or long,
Must come in time to rightful end.
It is the nature of the world
That all we hold is sure to pass,
Yet hold not on and joy will come.

Let me be not sad that we must part
But know instead how we have grown,
For what has passed between us two,
Was right for us beyond our knowing.
And to those who good have done,
More good in time is sure to come
And bless their paths in times to be.

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