Casting of the Buddha Rupa

On 4 April, 2001, three representatives of the Samatha Association arrived at the Rama IX Arts Studio on the southern outskirts of Bangkok to witness the casting of the head, body and base of the Buddha Rupa to beinstalled at Greenstreete in June. The feeling was calm but expectant as we strolled around the huge workshop behind the studio where the clay Rupa had been lovingly crafted. There was an atmosphere of surreal grandeur: fragments of ancient kings, queens and saints, half-finished drawings, bits of old castings- all were to be seen, juxtaposed in disarray.

Space for Something New

Sometimes when we sit down to practise, we wish to experience something which is as good as a previous time. At other times we may wish to experience something new. We may have read about a certain type of meditative state in a book or heard someone speak about such a state in a talk. So, how can we allow something new to arise, to experience something that has never been experienced before?

The Greenstreete Mandala Project

Every point on the surface of the earth can be regarded as the centre of a mandala, a map of the different realms and their corresponding energies in relation to this point. In summer 2004, a group spent a week exploring the Greenstreete mandala. What follows is about the mandala and the beginnings of its exploration.

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