Note from the editor

In this Issue there are references to various kinds of existences, both deva-like and other. It is said that beings at each level have a particular lifespan, so that a year or even a hundred years of human time might be experienced as just a day by a different kind of being.

Match of the aeon

I had a feeling even before the draw was made that this was going to be the big one. Since we got into the Cosmic League Cup (sponsored by Samsara) we have played some big games but the draw against the Bhūmi is the chance of a lifetime (possibly many, many lifetimes). As you know the Bhūmi are the team to beat, winners of the competition last year and going great guns this year. Not a weakness in the side and great strength in depth.

Realms of the devas-and others

Within the chanting of the Triple Gem, one of the attributes of the Buddha is that he is 'devamanussanam' — teacher of gods (devas) and men. There are various materials within the tradition that provide more detail about the nature of devas and of the Universe as a whole, and over the years a number of different Samatha groups have used them as a basis for research and investigation. These teachings describe the Universe as being organised into different levels of existence or bhūmi.

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