The Speaker of Truth

The Thirty-Two Marks Sutta tells us that the Tathagatha, in previous existence as a human being, " . . . having abandoned false speech, abstained from false speech, was a speaker of truth, united with truthfulness, reliable,trustworthy, not a deceiver of beings.'

What is a Buddha?

BuddhaA Buddha is an 'Awakened One', who has fully 'woken up' from the mental fuzziness in which the greed, jealousy, hatred, irritability, fear, laziness, agitation, vacillation and the many other similar defilements which we all suffer from, live and grow.

The Birth of the Bodhisatta

King Suddodana tells the Sage Asita of his son's birth

.....They sat; and the King
Told his story.

'Great sage, as the planets bring
In the circle of time what is old again to light,
It seems we live in days of legend. Tonight
My son sleeps in a room across this court,
Yet into our mere human house was brought
It seems, in the hands of gods.

Who is the Buddha?

Who is the Buddha?
What does he look like?
A golden image on a shrine?
An old monk, fifty years on the dusty roads?

Who is the Buddha?
What does he sound like?
A lionʼs roar? A soft-spoken Indian teacher?
A voice in silence?

Who is the Buddha?
How big is he?
Five foot, six foot, ten foot tall?
As big as the sky? Small enough to hide in your heart?

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