Issue 4



Samatha Journal, issue 4

Time and again

Shopping in the spiritual supermarket

A talk on posture

A northern limerick

On earth and material form

Searching for the heart of the story

Aspects of astrology


Five scenes from a journey

The Way of the Worrier

Samatha is?

An assignment for Sam Vicara, State Investigator (episode 4)

Should we?


  • Alex Barr
  • Chris Gilchrist
  • Jackie Callow
  • Peter Harvey
  • Michael Jackson
  • Valerie Roebuck
  • Sarah Shaw
  • Sue Steele
  • Sue Tetlow
  • Chris Westrup
  • Bill Wexler
  • Sarah Yorke
  • Groups in Rossendale & Manchester

Illustrations and technical assistance

  • Rob Adkins
  • Roger Barnes
  • Tricia Brown
  • Les Callow
  • Joanna Dowey
  • Alex Kelly
  • Peter Jones
  • Shamshad Khan
  • Amanda Lindop
  • Joan Ormrod
  • Sarah Shaw


Jackie Callow