Issue 3



Samatha Journal, issue 3

Mythology in some Suttas and Jātaka tales

Little Ugly

Excursions by Heroes

Two and a half Thousand Years

Verses on the Awakened Ones

The Heel

Building Practice

Na Yan: continued


The Birth of the Bodhisatta

An assignment for Sam Vicara, State Investigator (episode 3)

Searching, remembering

Edited by

Jackie Callow


  • Alex Barr
  • Berty Boyd
  • Jackie Callow
  • Lance Cousins
  • Paul Dennison
  • Giles Griffiths
  • Grevel Lindop
  • Usha McNab
  • John W. Ryder
  • John Stipling
  • Sarah Shaw

Illustrations and technical assistance

  • Tricia Brown
  • Les Callow
  • Joanna Dowey
  • Penpon Flynn
  • Shamshad Khan
  • Vicki MacGregor
  • James Peel
  • Niah Richards
  • Sara Stabb