Front cover: "Greenstreete" (oil pastel) by Deborah Raikes

Nourished by the Breath
Elizabeth Somerfield
illustration: "Longest of Breathing" by Veronica Voiels

In Praise of the Longest Breath
Federica Pojaga
photo: "Form, Light and Shadow" (anon.)

The Bringing into Being of Form-Frequenting Concentration: A translation of Ācariya Buddhadatta’s Entrance to Abhidhamma, Chapter 14
translated by Lance Cousins
illustrations by Usha McNab

Chris Morray-Jones
photo by Noah Stein

An Elemental Experience of Chanting
Elizabeth Somerfield
illustration by Roberta Sisson

Cerdd Taith (Journey Poem)
Lyn Webster Wilde
illustration by Talya Davies

A Taste of Hua Yen
by Charles King
photos: "Dewy Spider's Web" (anon.) from Wikimedia Commons and "Winter Lake" by Quinn Dombrowski

A High Wind Recollection
collage (anon.)

Samatha 2014 back cover

Bojjhangas - Another View
James Peel

as recalled by Chris Morray-Jones Thai numerals by Nai Boonman

back cover: "Open Hand" (anon.)