2012 Jubilee Issue: a call for contributions

LeafIn August 2012, we will be celebrating the eightieth birthday of Nai Boonman Poonyathiro, our founding teacher.

During the same year (2555 of the Buddhist calendar), we will enter the fiftieth year of Samatha meditation practice in Britain.

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the acquisition of Greenstreete, now established as the National Samatha Centre, by the Samatha Trust will also occur in the same year.

A special Jubilee Issue of Samatha is planned to coincide with our celebration of these important milestones.  We hope that the issue will express and embody the breadth, depth, and diversity of the Samatha meditation tradition as currently practiced by groups and individuals in Britain and around the world.

Any and all contributions, both literary and artistic, will be warmly welcomed and should be sent, preferably in electronic format to: samatha.journal@yahoo.com, or alternatively in hard copy to:

The Editor, Samatha
5 Eclipse Court
Alameda, CA 94501

(Please note that acceptance for publication is at the discretion of the Editor, who also reserves the right to make any editorial changes he decides are appropriate.) 

Contributions to the Jubilee Issue should be submitted by or before February 28, 2012. Early submissions will be well received.