Samatha 2011

The Gates of Liberation
Paṭisambhidāmagga II 48
photo submitted by Dave Woessner

Samatha Adventures
Sarah Shaw
photos by anon.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe
Mark Rowland
illustrations by Roberta Sisson

Making Offerings and Paying Respect
Jeremy Bruce (formerly Tan Supaniyo)

Reflections on a Copper Moon
Grevel Lindop
illustrations by anon.

“Heart Image”
Veronica Voiels
This is Not About a Lake

Samatha EEG
Paul Dennison

In the Valley of Broken Buddhas
Brian King

Reading Jane Austen and Dependent Origination
Sarah Shaw
illustrations by Deborah Raikes

Taking Refuge
Chris Gilchrist

Mindfulness and the Untapped Aspects of the Asperger's Syndrome Mind
Chris Mitchell

An Octave of Jhānas
Jaś Elsner
illustrations by Tina Fitzpatrick

The View from Afar
Vikki Stringer

The Messengers of Truth
Kindred Sayings 4.194

Jubilee Issue
Call for Contributions