Talya Davies

The Pool


The light drew him to the Pool. The surface shone in the sunlight – it seemed more than a reflection of the Sun. It was brilliant, but not blinding. The silvery light seemed to come from a life in the liquid itself. It was easy to look upon, relaxing and pleasing to the eye, inviting. It promised to feel good to the skin and to taste good, to be clean and pure.

A Samatha Practice in Ireland

Samatha practice in Ireland - riverIf you fancy a holiday, with genuinely friendly people, walks under the trees and along the winding and beautiful river with many rushing weirs, your own room, three square meals a day and the fresh air and considered pace of the countryside, you could do worse than go on a Samatha meditation course in Ireland at Benburb Pri

Cerdd Taith (Journey Poem)

Cerdd Taith

Mae’r coed’n cwtsho’r canolfan yn y cwm,
Yn y niwl mae’r hen dduwiau yn aros – amdanon ni?
Dyn ni crwydro ar rosydd mawr, yn dilyn y ceffyl gwyn, Brwydr dreigiau yn digwydd dan ein traed trwm.
Am beth dyn ni chwylio? Un peth neu bethau gwahannol? Wyt ti fy mrawd i - neu fy heriwr?
Gweidda’r dderwen: wedi dod mae’r duw glas!

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