Light Nimitta, by Veronica VoielsFront cover: "Light Nimitta" by Veronica Voiels
Back cover: "Greenstreete Frog" by Deven Patel

Dedication: Lance Cousins
photo taken on August 5, 2012
(Samatha Trust archive)

pages 1 to 21
Samatha Meditation and Insight Meditation: Complementary or Competing?
A talk by Lance Cousins
transcribed by Anthea Hogan and edited by Tod Olson
with contributions by Bernard Bolton, David Egan, Chris Morray-Jones, Charles Shaw, and Sarah Shaw;
diagrams re-created by Tod Olson;
photo "Cultivation" (bhāvanā) by Deven Patel

pages 22 to 24
A Samatha Practice in Ireland
by Talya Davies
photos courtesy of The Order of Mary Servite Trust

page 25
by Chris Gilchrist
illustration: "La Maison Dieu" (Tarot Arcanum XVI)
restoration of engraving by Claude Burdel (1751), courtesy of Lo Scarabeo s.r.l., Turin

pages 26-27
Mastery in Five Ways
by Samatha Adventures

pages 28 to 31
Working and in Progress: Thoughts on Faith and Practice
by Tina Fitzpatrick
photo by Sarah Yorke

page 32
Imaginary Prison (Take 2)

pages 33 to 35
Poems in the Style of the Dhammapada
by participants in a Dhammapada Weekend at Greenstreete (submitted by Valerie Roebuck)
illustrations by Roberta Sisson

pages 35 to 41
Traditional Thai Astrological Symbolism: An Exploration
by Rosemary Rose
illustrations by Deborah Raikes

Greenstreete frog, by Deven Patel

pages 42 to 57
Kurudhamma Jātaka: The Teaching of the Kurus (J II 365–381)
translation by Sarah Shaw;
illustration on page 45: miniature painting of the Mughal Empire, c. 1600;
illustration on page 55: miniature painting from Jodphur, c. 1775;
all other illustrations by Erica Karp

page 58
The Gap
by Tim Kielyphoto: "Through the Canopy" by Sebastian Reynolds

pages 59 to 63
The Pool
by Bill Venells
illustrations by Talya Davies

pages 64 to 71
Meeting the Buddha on the Road
photo by Mark French

page 72
Sonnet for Lance
photo by Sebastian Reynolds